"I've Been There" - It's Been One of Those Homeschooling Weeks

Back in January, I posted that I wanted more encouragement posts on this blog, and asked folks to share their own stories of hope (and survival?).  I've had a few people respond, and their stories are lined up to be posted in the coming weeks.  It's a series that I really hope will take off here, and be an encouragement to our thousands of readers and visitors.  It's called, "I've Been There."

Yesterday, I wrote a post called "It's Been One of Those Homeschooling Weeks."  I was tired, worn out, and frustrated with life.  Just life... it seems like it's just been frustrating lately.  And the lack of sleep, the feeling of always having a little person who needs me to do something for them, and stressors of life events have worn me out this week.  I know I'm not the only person who has been there.  I had to remind myself that I am so blessed, and that I really don't want this phase of my life to end, in spite of the struggles.  I wanted to encourage others to hang in there who may be struggling this week too.

So, I'm starting off this series by sharing my article over at The Frugal Homeschooling Mom.  Get to know me a little better there.  I encourage you to share your stories too!  There's nothing in your life that is too little or too big to share.  And it just may encourage someone else!