Concerning Facebook!

We would like to make a way for our members with extremely private profiles on Facebook to be admitted to the group without having to change their settings.  

We would also like to make our BRAND NEW curriculum offers available to folks who are NOT on Facebook (due to numerous requests).

Please read further to find out how to be "in the loop."

For those requesting membership on the Facebook group page, but have very tight privacy settings, we need you to send us a little note explaining your purposes for joining.

Our "Chief Admissions Officer" will gladly allow you to join, we just need to know you're a real person, and not coming in to spam or scam.  Due to the 10,000 members who trust the leadership team to keep the high integrity of the group, we have found the need to closely screen those who ask to join.  Please, BEFORE you request membership, read our guidelines for posting and sharing.  We're glad to have you, but we do have high standards for behavior and communication/transactions.

Once you've read the guidelines, please send our Chief Admissions Officer a quick note by clicking here and telling her a little bit about yourself.  It'll only take a second, we promise!

For those who DO NOT use Facebook, but wish to be involved, please click here, and tell us a little bit about yourself.  We will place you on our email list for special announcements, and you will be "in the loop" for when our BRAND NEW donations are offered.  Unfortunately, at this time, in order to share your USED materials, or to receive USED materials, you must be a member of the Facebook group.

But, we are currently in the planning stages of an exciting future website which will NOT rely on Facebook, and if you'd like to help us in that effort, feel free to send a donation for that fund.  Thank you!