NEW Curriculum to be Donated - Our 2nd Application-Based Donation

Announcing the 2nd Donation of BRAND NEW curriculum!

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*This donation has ended.  To receive notification of the next one, please sign up for an email subscription to this blog.*

A private donor contacted with a desire to donate NEW curriculum through this blog.  The blog will serve as an easy way for this donor to give anonymously, and for her to be confident that the recipient(s) she wishes to receive it are being truthful and unbiased in their applications.  The donation being offered for this particular donation will not be announced until AFTER the recipient(s) have been chosen.  Due to the nature of this donation, and the donor's specific recommendations for whom to receive it, we cannot disclose the details of this donation - except for the following:

You may specifically ask for
exactly what you are needing
for your homeschool!

If you would like to apply, simply click this link to be taken to the application form.  Your information will be kept confidential, and only I (Deana) will see it.  Of all applications received, the leadership team will vote to determine the final recipient(s), but your private information, including your name, will not be shared.

The recipient(s) will be notified by email at the close of this donation, on Friday, September 19th, 2014.

It's kinda like writing a letter to Santa at Christmas... in September... it doesn't hurt to ask, and see if you get what you want!  So have fun with it!  Anyone may apply, this donor's wishes may just include you and your specific circumstance.

Go apply now!

Anytime a business or private donor would like to donate BRAND NEW curriculum, books, or school supplies, and meets the following criteria, this blog can serve you in your efforts:

  • If you wish to give to a specific need or a specific criteria, by an application process
  • If you wish to take advantage of an easier route to donating by an application/statement of need process, and wish to use the services provided here to comb through the hundreds of applicants or statements of need that will come through
  • If you wish to pay for the FULL amount of shipping costs, to make the donation COMPLETELY FREE to the recipient
  • If you wish to either ship from your own home, OR if you wish to ship the items to an authorized HSCFFS distribution center for redistribution.
  • AND if the items you are giving away are completely NEW and UNOPENED/UNUSED

Please contact the blog administrator, Deana, at thefrugalhomeschoolingmom [at] gmail [dot] com for more information, or to donate in this manner, or click here to make a contribution to the NEW curriculum fund.