What Can I Donate?

As the group grows, we are enjoying scanning the wall and seeing what others are sharing.  Almost anything goes!

The basic rule is,

You can offer ANYTHING that may be helpful to a struggling homeschool family (that's actually worth the shipping cost).

You can donate any of the following items either through the Facebook group, or by sending them to Homeschool Curriculum Free for Shipping for redistribution via application process (coming soon).

  • FULL used or new curriculum (teacher's manuals, textbooks, workbooks, and other materials that are not copyrighted or restricted for sharing)
  • PARTIAL used or new curriculum (portions of full curriculum, which the recipient would have to purchase or find the missing components themselves)
  • Fiction or nonfiction books (all ages)
  • Electronic devices, computers, tablets, and accessories (someone donated a Kindle keyboard and case once)
  • Educational electronics and accessories (Someone donated a LeapPad once)
  • Educational DVD's, Music, Videos (originals only)
  • Children's non-educational entertainment (toys, DVD's and music, etc.)
  • Children's clothing or accessories (we had someone share cloth diapers once)
  • And more!  Just because it isn't listed here, doesn't mean you can't offer it to someone or donate it.  Hey, someone just donated milk kefir!  

If you can ship it, and it's worth the shipping costs to someone else, you can donate it.  So have fun!  Go donate now!