Recipients Chosen for School Supplies Donation

A generous donor offered 5 sets of brand new school supplies for some members of our community.  An application-based process determined the recipients, based on the donor's criteria.

The actual application page for that donation is here in case you'd like to see what it was about.

The donor specifically asked that the recipients be families who were struggling financially due to life circumstances, such as illness, loss of job, or single parents.  A total of 88 applications were received.  After disqualifying those families who didn't fit that description, there were 54 applications left.  The leadership team narrowed it down to the five recipients, announced below.

Recipients of the 4 younger child sets of school supplies were:

  • A mother of 3 with a sick infant and who has incurred high medical care costs making funds tight.
  • A single, work-at-home mother of 3 whose income was recently cut in half, and is accruing late, unpaid bills, so she is unable to buy these things.
  • A working mother of 3 with a tragic death in the family, and her husband's unemployment due to PTSD from the event.
  • A family of 3, with health problems, living on an income of 24,000 per year, making the most of what they have and still helping others as often as possible.

The recipient of the 1 older child set was:
  • A thankful and appreciative single mom of 4 children, 3 of which are teens and will share these supplies.

The recipients have been notified, and will receive their items directly from the donor.

If you weren't chosen this time, please apply again!  We have another donation scheduled for the week of September 8th!  Sign up for emails now (put your email into the bar at the top of your screen), so you'll be notified how to apply.  The application process is simple and easy, and we will not share your information with anyone.  We are sorry we couldn't help all of you.  We hope you are chosen next time!

Would you like to donate to this organization?  Click here for more information, or contact us to find out how to offer a donation of your choosing.