Brand New School Supplies - Our FIRST Application-based Donation

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A private donor contacted HSCFFS and wished to offer some BRAND NEW school supplies to a homeschool family in need.  

This blog will serve as a liaison for the donor, to provide a safer, faster, and easier method of selecting the recipients and distributing the donation.  The leadership team of HSCFFS will determine recipients for this donation, based on the specific selection criteria of the donor.

This donation will go to a total of 5 recipients.  There are 4 sets of school supplies for younger children, and 1 set of school supplies for older children.  These photos of the donations were provided by the donor.

Younger Child Set (4 of these)

Older Child Set (1 of these)

To apply for this donation, you must complete the application here.  All answers will be kept completely confidential, and only shared with the organization's leadership team.

Anytime a business or private donor would like to donate BRAND NEW curriculum, books, or school supplies, and meets the following criteria, this blog can serve you in your efforts:

  • if you wish to give to a specific need by an application process - this blog can serve as an easy way for you to donate, without having to comb through hundreds of applicants and read all the statements of need that will come through
  • if you wish to pay for the full amount of shipping costs, to make the donation COMPLETELY FREE to the recipient
  • if you wish to either ship from your own home, OR if you wish to ship the items to an authorized HSCFFS distribution center for redistribution.
  • AND if the items you are giving away are completely NEW and UNOPENED/UNUSED.
Please contact the blog administrator, Deana, at thefrugalhomeschoolingmom[at]gmail[dot]com to donate in this manner.