Mission Statement:

Homeschool Curriculum Free for Shipping (est. July 1st, 2014), a pay-it-forward homeschool community, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that exists as a means of providing brand new and used curriculum for only the cost of shipping or even completely free to homeschool families in need.  Recipients are encouraged to "pay-it-forward" after using the donations.  The organization and Facebook group work together as a community with a twofold purpose.  First, to serve as a resource for donors who are seeking to donate curriculum.  Second, to support and encourage ALL homeschooling families, especially those who homeschool with financial constraints.

History and Purpose:

The organization began as a grassroots organization on Facebook in June of 2014.  The organization exists as a means of providing used homeschool books, materials, supplies, and other resources to families in need within the homeschool community.
actual donation from a member,
photo used with permission

Members of the group are willing to give their used materials to others, receiving no profits in return.  Recipients are responsible for paying only the shipping costs of the items they receive.  When they are finished, they are expected to pay it forward by offering the item free of charge to another homeschooling family.

As the group has grown, we have begun to receive occasional donations of BRAND NEW homeschool curriculum for families in need.  As these donations are offered, they will be announced here on the blog.  Sign up for email updates or follow us on Facebook in order to receive notifications of these offers (you can easily miss the announcement within the busy Facebook group), PLUS you'll receive other handy information for homeschooling on a budget, and news about the organization as it grows and develops.

If you would like to join the group, simply sign up for emails here on the blog, or "LIKE" the Facebook Fan Page to receive news and updates.  Then request membership on the group's facebook page.

Actual photo of a donation a member received,
photo used with permission

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Deana Hipwell
Founder & President

Contact: thefrugalhomeschoolingmom[at]gmail[dot]com

HSCFFS Leadership Team Members:
Deanna, Tanya, Jennifer, Sarah, Katja, Jenny, and Ashley