Please read this whole page BEFORE making your first post in the group.  By requesting membership to the organization, you are agreeing to these terms.

We are a 501(c)(3) organization and your donations are tax deductible.

Any post made to the wall of the Facebook group that does not actually OFFER something, will be promptly deleted.  This is the most common mistake that new members make.  Thank you for helping keep our wall clean and searchable (for members who are trying to find things they need).  Sometimes we make an exception - such as helpful, community-building posts, which we may allow to stay occasionally, if they benefit all the members in some way.

By the way, if your Facebook profile is SUPER PRIVATE that's ok but you may not be accepted into the group, please click here.

Changes to these policies and procedures will always be announced to our followers through email and the Facebook Fan Page (*NEW) - be sure to follow at least one of these places.

The Facebook group Homeschool Curriculum Free for Shipping is set up to allow anyone to donate their used curriculum to anyone else.  The use of the Facebook group allows everyone the freedom to share homeschool materials, books, curriculum, and other things.  Our organization is a lot faster, and easier, to share and receive things, than other charitable organizations.  But it also requires some rules, which are written for the benefit of everyone involved.

This group is not like most other Facebook groups - we expect high integrity and standards of behavior and communication/transactions here, and we remove members who have more than one complaint about their behavior, without warning.

(The organization also occasionally offers BRAND NEW curriculum to families in need.  Check them out on the sidebar to your right --->.  Sign up for email notifications or follow on Facebook to find out about those.)


  • Post your needs ONLY in the ISO albums, found in the photos.  DO NOT ASK FOR THINGS ON THE WALL – The wall is used for DONATIONS ONLY.
  • Or, browse the latest photos and posts to see if there's something you need.
  • Or search for something specific using the little magnifying glass icon/search box. It’s usually in the upper left sidebar of the page. It may not show up on all platforms, so if you don’t see it with one device, try another. It is easiest to search the group when you’re on an actual computer rather than hand-held device.


  • Simply post it to the wall!  It's easy, and fast.
  • It's a good idea to read this first, to find out what options are available to you as a giver.
  • Remember to use good search terms in your post so that others can find what they are searching for easily.
  • You can bump anytime.
  • Please label your items (find out how here) in order to prevent them from being resold for profit.
  • Also, check out the profile of the person requesting materials from you, to be sure they look legit.
  • If you can, please delete your photos after the donation is ended.  It makes life easier for the volunteer moderators who have to go through and delete them later.


***Please note:  ALL RULES go right out the window if a member is rude, hostile, behaves in a manner that is deemed bully-like, and/or refuses to allow moderators to help resolve issues with dignity and grace behind the scenes.  Drama on the wall is not tolerated in this group.***

  1. ABSOLUTELY NO "ISO," “In Need Of,” “WANTED,” or other such posts. These types of posts will overwhelm the wall and cause the group not to function as intended. These posts will be promptly deleted. Members may tag such posts with a moderator name to help in this effort.
  2. ABSOLUTELY NO SELLING OR ADVERTISING. This includes bartering.  It also includes advertising other Facebook groups or soliciting members for any reason (at home sales, home-based businesses, work-at-home jobs, etc.).  Do not contact members on the ISO albums and solicit them through PM either - if you are reported, the moderators will ban you from the group.  (If you are interested in advertising, we have reasonable sponsorship packages, and use the proceeds to provide brand new homeschool curriculum to families in need.  Please contact us for more information.)
  3. Offer ANYTHING that could be used in a homeschool setting, including books and curriculum, resources, materials, supplies. If you’re willing to meet up instead of ship the item, you may also post your location.
  4. Do not attempt to make any profit on what you are giving away. You may only request REASONABLE shipping costs for the items you give away.
  5. BLOGGERS AND WEBSITE OWNERS: Free printables or downloadable resources are allowed. Blog posts containing resource round-ups or giveaways are also allowed.  "Link dropping" of such posts is fine, we will approve them ALL on Fridays!  You may post as many printables as you like, and as often as you like, but please only post each printable or resource ONCE, and be considerate to other website owners and bloggers, and do not "bump" your posts by commenting on them.  Affiliate links MUST be disclosed.  If I have a relevant affiliate link as well, I reserve the right to mention it so that the benefits will be given to the development of this group.
  6. RECIPIENTS: If you receive free items from this group, please pay it forward. We have a suggested way to label books and materials, to keep them from being resold.  When you're finished with the item, do not sell it for profit. Please remember to give it away to another homeschool family who needs or wants to use it!  If abusers of this group are reported with proof (such as a screenshot of an item being resold), they will be banned from future activity, without question, and without any dispute or explanations asked. In order for this group to work, people who donate MUST trust those on the receiving end, and if there's any doubt of someone's purposes here, they will be deleted.
  7. We have a no tolerance policy for the illegal sharing of copyrighted material.  Do not share PDF's at all, unless of course, you are the actual publisher and wish to donate them yourself.  Login and passwords for online membership sites are not allowed to be shared either.