What Donations are Accepted at our Authorized Distribution Sites?

Policies for Gently Used Curriculum Donations:

Physical Book and Materials Donations to Homeschool Curriculum Free for Shipping Authorized Distribution Sites

HSCFFS Authorized Distribution Sites are glad to accept your donations of good or excellent condition used homeschool books, materials, and curriculum. 

We typically do not accept:

  • Books that are missing any pages, or have writing inside
  • Books that smell like cigarette smoke
  • Books that contain excessively torn, stained, or otherwise damaged binding or pages
  • Books that have sustained any water damage at all
  • Fiction books that are NOT listed on a popular curriculum publisher's reading lists
  • Nonfiction books older that 2010
Of course, these things can be donated easily within our Facebook group at your own discretion. And you can still receive a tax-deductible receipt for them. We've just found that distributing them quickly and easily is time-consuming and requires lengthy storage of the items - something we do not require our volunteer locations to do. Consider whether some things just belong in the trash before donating them. If you've tried to sell them and they haven't sold, we most likely won't be able to use them either.

We DO accept:

  • Cash donations for specified scholarships to your chosen nationally accepted homeschool co-op or accredited online homeschool. You may contribute to a scholarship fund already begun through our organization, or you may contribute to or fully fund one of your own choosing.
  • Cash donations for specified curriculum of your choosing, to go to an applicant chosen based on your specifications. You may request the type of applicant you wish your donations to go to.
  • Any books or curriculum that are widely known and accepted or desired by homeschool families. (Think: A Beka, BJU, Horizons, Lifepacs, Sonlight, My Father's World, Story of the World, Math-U-See, Saxon, or other educational textbooks and workbooks)
  • Most nonfiction books published in 2010 and newer
  • Fiction books that ARE listed within any popular homeschool curriculum's reading lists
  • Brand new curriculum or books
  • Other new or "like new" items that are inexpensive to ship to recipients (yes, even clothing, toys, games, etc)
If we receive items that we are unable to pass along within two weeks, they get donated to a local homeschool lending library, a public library, or a place such as a local Children's Home or Goodwill.

Things to Note:

  • We don't operate within any one physical building, although our headquarters is located in Clemmons, NC.
  • We don't have paid staff.
  • We don't keep an inventory at all. Books are kept no longer than two weeks.
  • Our process is short and distribution of books is quick. We do not keep applications on file longer than two weeks.
  • We are a nationwide *community* of self-sufficient donors and recipients, and operate with minimal involvement of the leadership, since we are all *unpaid volunteers* spread over multiple states.