5th Annual Birthday Fundraiser Auction!

It's been an amazing five years since the grassroots start of our organization on July 1, 2014 until now. The members of HSCFFS have been able to help countless homeschool families to afford curriculum for their families, and have even provided BRAND NEW curriculum and scholarships in some cases. Thanks for being part of the fun.

Homeschool Curriculum Free for Shipping is a 501(c)(3) charity which means that donations through the auction are TAX DEDUCTIBLE.

5th Annual Birthday Fundraiser Auction 2019

Our team would like to announce the 5th annual fundraiser, our Birthday Auction Week! We hold two auction weeks each year, one in July and the other in January. It's a time when you can clear out your used curriculum, and SELL it within the group, auction-style.

AUCTION WEEK WILL BE HELD JULY 15-21, 2019. Auctions must be completely closed by 11:59 pm YOUR TIME on July 21. After midnight on July 21, no more bids may be placed, and no more selling will be allowed within the group (however, you may keep your posts up as long as needed to close out your sales).


We accept donations of any size after your auction is complete. Suggested donation is $2 per person. You are NOT REQUIRED to donate, but if you do, you will be playing an important part to further our mission. Cash donations can be made here.

Tips for a successful auction:

  • *New this year: With Facebook's option to post your item as a "sale" item, it can actually complicate things. You may want to post as "start a conversation" just to keep your life a little more simple during the auction!
  • Use a descriptive title for your listing. That way, if someone is searching for "A Beka," for instance, they can type "A Beka" into the search bar at the top of the group and easily find your item. 
  • Include a picture of your item. Clearly disclose any writing, stains, or wear and tear. 
  • You may "bump" your photo as often as you like (adding a comment to the thread will bump your thread to the top of the group and your item will receive more visibility). 
  • YOU (the donor/seller) are in complete control over when/how/why your auction is closed. Bidders should not complain about your choices in who receives your item if your terms have been clearly stated. That said, please CLEARLY state your terms, such as starting bid, and ending times, etc. Please DO NOT go past your stated ending time, even if more bids are being placed at the time the auction is scheduled to end. That's unfair to those bidding who don't want to be waiting around watching for hours on end for you to close it. 
  • You can decide if a portion of the proceeds of your sale will be donated to HSCFFS. Be sure to disclose that within your post, as those items typically receive higher bids. 
  • Rudeness, irritability, sensitivity, or any person's attitudes that make the auction less fun for anyone will not be tolerated. We remove and ban rude people without warning. None of the moderators is paid, and we just "ain't got time" for that kind of "stuff." These weeks are ALOT of work on us, and we will boot ya in a heartbeat. Just sayin. 
  • Be clear in how soon your buyer must pay. 
  • Be sure to disclose to your buyer the tracking code from your shipment. 
  • The use of Paypal is NOT a requirement, but it is most likely the safest form of payment for your buyers. We highly recommend and encourage buyers NOT to buy from anyone who tries to skirt Paypal's rules to use the "goods and services" payment option. In other words, as a seller, don't ask your buyers to use the "friends and family" option - it's just not honest or respectful of Paypal's policies. And in this group, we like rule-followers and genuinely kind, respectful people. 
  • Absolutely NO SELLING OF PDF FILES, unless YOU are the original creator of the file and own the copyrights to it. 
Please report the following IMMEDIATELY to an ADMIN (anyone listed within the group membership):
  • Bidders who have left the group before your auction ends. 
  • Bidders who do not bid according to your stated rules (for example, OVER bid in excess of your stated increments) 
  • Sabotage: For example, a commenter who states they can find your item cheaper elsewhere, or who otherwise criticize your donation. 
  • Nonpayment after winning a bid. These members will be banned from future participation in the group.
  • Someone acting as an admin in comments on your post who is not one. 
  • Any auction that has gone more than 15 minutes over the stated end time. 
  • Anyone who attempts to resell your auction for profit. Although this week is technically "selling" - we still abide by our long-standing rule that NO RESELLING for profit is allowed. It will result in immediate banning from the group if you provide screenshots of proof that your items have been resold for a profit elsewhere. To prevent this, remember to label your books with "Do not resell - this book was donated to Homeschool Curriculum Free for Shipping. Please pay it forward." or similar wording. 

Happy selling and bidding!!!

Deana and the Leadership Team

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