Donation #16: Mr. Science Teacher

Today's donation is a giveaway-style one, sponsored by Mr. Science Teacher!  One homeschooled high-schooler in financial need will receive a completely free subscription.

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Mr. Science Teacher is offering a free subscription to one homeschool family in need.  If you feel you are in financial need, please apply/enter below.  This recipient will be chosen randomly, and entries are on the honor system.

Don't worry, your information is never shared. Signing up for our email list is always optional, never required.

Please remember, this donation is, as usual, meant ONLY for families who can not afford to buy this subscription for themselves.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Anytime a business or private donor would like to donate BRAND NEW curriculum, books, or school supplies, and meets ALL of the following criteria, this blog can serve you in your efforts: 

  • if you wish to give to a specific need by an application process, or if you wish to provide a product you created/own via a "giveaway-style" donation.
  • if you wish to pay for the full amount of shipping costs, to make the donation COMPLETELY FREE to the recipient.
  • if you wish to either ship from your own home, OR if you wish to ship the items to an authorized HSCFFS distribution center for redistribution.
  • AND if the items you are giving away are completely NEW and UNOPENED/UNUSED. "Like New" condition is sometimes accepted.

Please contact Deana at thefrugalhomeschoolingmom[at]gmail[dot]com to donate in this manner. We are always glad to accommodate all reasonable requests.