Christmas Gift of $150 Amazon Gift Card for a Homeschool Family in Need

The Pay-it-Forward Thanksgiving Initiative we held this year raised a total of $150 (after Paypal and Fundrazr fees, and rounding it to an equal amount).  We're putting it into an Amazon giftcard and passing it along to a homeschool family who needs it.

SORRY!  This donation is closed!  Please sign up for emails or follow us on Facebook to make sure you don't miss the next one!  (coming up next week!)

Have you ever been blessed during hard times? Remember how it felt? We remember too, which is why we do this every Thanksgiving.  We want to pay forward what we've received.

I remember two separate Christmases not too long ago when my own family was abundantly blessed by the generosity of others.  It's an amazing experience to receive a selfless outpouring of love during a very isolating and difficult time in your life.  It still brings me to tears to this day when I remember it, it made such an impact on my heart.  So I've committed to "Paying It Forward," and I hope that the recipients of this gift will have the same experience of feeling loved and cared about during their time of need.

Today, if you're in need financially, or your homeschooling family is struggling to figure out where Christmas gifts for your children will come from, please tell us.  This donation is for you!  Fill out the application below.  We will be giving one family a $150 giftcard to shop at on December 7th.

Please tell anyone you know who could use this!

And if your family isn't in need, won't you consider donating?  We receive requests all year long from families who need help with curriculum and supplies, and we'd love to be able to help all of them!  We're always, always, always lacking in funds.  And even a $2 donation helps!

Scroll down to the application form to tell us why you are a good candidate for this gift!  No need is too small or too great.  If you feel you need it, by all means, apply.  Ten applicants will be chosen randomly, and the leadership team will vote for the final recipient, based on statements of need.  Apply today!