Donation Recipient Announced for Donation #12

The recipient for the donation of a brand new backpack full of preschool supplies and activities has been chosen!

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One super sweet homeschool mom wanted to give something special to one homeschooled preschooler out there.  She wrote to us at Homeschool Curriculum Free for Shipping and asked us to find a family with 3 or more children, the youngest a preschooler.  She asked the family to specifically be a one-income family.

Out of 37 applicants, there were only 4 who perfectly met this donor's criteria.  The leadership team made a vote, and the recipient is...

#23 - A mother of 4, who said they had been living in a hotel for a year after leaving their roach and flea-infested apartment.  They struggled for a while, unable to afford a decent apartment until her husband got a new job and started getting paid overtime.  A short time after moving in, the overtime stopped and they are now scrambling to keep up with their basic bills.

Anytime a business or private donor would like to donate BRAND NEW curriculum, books, or school supplies, and meets ALL of the following criteria, this blog can serve you in your efforts:
  • if you wish to give to a specific need by an application process. 
  • if you wish to pay for the full amount of shipping costs, to make the donation COMPLETELY FREE to the recipient. 
  • if you wish to either ship from your own home, OR if you wish to ship the items to an authorized HSCFFS distribution center for redistribution. 
  • AND if the items you are giving away are completely NEW and UNOPENED/UNUSED. "Like New" condition is sometimes accepted. 
Please contact Deana at thefrugalhomeschoolingmom[at]gmail[dot]com to donate in this manner. We are always glad to accommodate all reasonable requests.