Special Needs Donation Report

What an exciting week we've had at Homeschool Curriculum Free for Shipping!  The third donation is now over, and here is our official report about the special needs homeschool recipients.

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For the first time ever, we had a donor who was once a recipient, and is now able to "pay it forward."  Last year, when Homeschool Curriculum was just a tiny, unheard-of Facebook group (now 11,300+ members!), she received a brand new All About Reading set.  This year, she's in a position to give, and she had a very special request!

She asked us to find two recipients with special needs, and specifically wanted to donate two weighted therapy blankets/lap pads from her own personal favorite Etsy shop.

We created questions through our application process to help find the perfect families.  Families who applied were asked to explain something they needed to help their child, without knowing what the donor was giving.  This helped us to ensure that what the applicant truly needed would be supplied, and that this donor's wishes to help a specific need could be fulfilled.  

Specifically, the applicants we looked for had to ask for a weighted blanket or weighted lap pad, to use for therapy for their special needs homeschooled child.  A leadership team vote wasn't needed for this donation due to the very few qualified applicants.  The donor made the final decision, and here are the recipients:

Applicant #12 described her children's special needs as ADHD, Bipolar, Aspergers/Autism, Anxiety, Global Delays, Speech deficit, Sensory Integration Disorder (Sensory processing disorder).  She wished for a weighted lap pad to help her son focus with his schoolwork.  She said "We use a bag of sugar mpw but he picks it open.  It's like night and day though."  She reported that she is on disability and her husband just lost his job due to the company closing.  "I just keep praying, and holding onto faith that God will provide," she explained.

Applicant # 63 has a child with SPD, and wished for a weighted blanket.  She said, "My husband is a disabled vet and we are still going through the process of getting his claims for the VA, almost 2 years later.  We are behind on a few bills and get enough to just cover bills with very little left over."

If you would like to visit this donor's chosen Etsy shop to see examples of the blankets being given, you can find it here.  The Etsy shop is not affiliated in any way with this blog or this donation.  This donation was initiated purely by the private donor, who wishes to remain anonymous.