Homeschool Mother Receives New School Supplies Donation

The time has come to announce the recipient of the latest donation for a homeschool family in need at Homeschool Curriculum Free for Shipping.

This latest donation was an awesome assortment of school supplies.  The donor requested that we find a family with specific circumstances to give her donation to - and we were able to find the perfect match through an application process.  Applicants did not know what the donor was looking for when they applied, so we helped to find a true match for her.  And the recipient, as you shall see, is just perfect!

This donor requested that the leadership team find a family who is homeschooling more than one child, and who is in financial distress.  After randomly selecting ten applicants from 145 qualified candidates, the leadership team voted to make the final selection.

The recipient is a single mother of 3 homeschooled children, one special needs child in public school, and babysitting 2 toddlers for income.  She says "Any consumable supplies get used quickly!"

We are sure these supplies will be put to good use in her home!

Wanna know when the next donation will be?  Continue to follow along!  Two are currently in the works - be watching here for them!  (Are you following along by email here or at least on Facebook?)