3 Homeschool Families Receive School Supplies Donation

The first donation of school supplies for families in need is finished!  Here is the report.

The donor wished to provide school supplies for three homeschool families in need.  She asked that we assist her in finding families fitting this description:

  • Single working mom or both parents working
  • Sacrifices made in order to homeschool
  • Must buy something for themselves with the money saved

There were only 73 applicants.  Of those 73, only 6 qualified!  The leadership team voted on those 6, and here is a description of the three selected recipients:

Recipient #1 is a single mom of three (7th, 1st, and PreK).  She says she has been struggling to homeschool while working part time.  She does not have a lot of money for extras like school supplies.  She sacrifices her sleep.  She wishes to buy a new pair of jeans and some hair dye for herself.  She will receive the set bought for Kindergarten.

Recipient #2 is a single mom of two (K and PreK).  She decided to homeschool this year, and has even moved into a smaller place, halfway across the country, to make ends meet and to have extra support and encouragement from family this first year.  She works part time so that she can have the time to homeschool her children.  She says her focus is "so much on my kids right now I haven't had a chance to think about myself."  She will receive the set for Preschool.

Recipient #3 is a single mom of three (8th, 3rd, and PreK).  The children's fathers "are not in the picture much which leaves me to purchase the supplies."  She says her kids love art and learning, and that the supplies will "greatly help us since most or all my money from working my paper route goes to bills and living expenses."  She plans to use the savings from this donation to plan some field trips she normally wouldn't get to do (hey, field trips are fun for moms, too, you know).  She will receive the set for elementary/middle.

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