Suggested Shipping Charges (Member Education Post #2)

Those of us who have been members here for a while are accustomed to seeing inexpensive media mail shipping rates and reasonable packaging costs. However, we are constantly gaining new members, who are unsure about how to ship packages as cheaply as possible, or don't know about media mail rates.

A while back, the ten volunteers of our leadership team and I discussed and negotiated what we thought were a good guide for our members to follow. Since then, we have been using this guide ourselves and have not lost any money by asking these shipping prices. One of our volunteers even made a handy infographic to follow, which has recently needed an upgrade due to changes in media mail rates recently published by USPS, so I am including a new suggested media mail rate chart at the very bottom of THIS post.  Please disregard the old one.

Please check out these two posts. Read them. No seriously, READ THEM. They will honestly give you an idea of what to expect within this group. No one should be here to make a profit.

(posted in October of 2014 and includes the old infographic)

(posted in July 2014 - old info, but still helpful)

Please DON'T donate if you can't afford to risk underestimating a shipping charge by a dollar or two - this group is here to HELP YOU - please just be a recipient, and sell your own books within all the other wonderful buy/sell/trade groups around Facebook-land! (Oh but by the way DON'T sell books you've received here - please PIF of course!)  Donors, please give, knowing that there may actually be a slight chance you might have to eat a few cents here or there. This group is about self-sacrifice and giving - not counting costs or coming out even.

If after reading these two posts, you disagree with them, and wish to donate curriculum with higher shipping prices, and refuse to specify exactly WHY your donations cost so much higher than the suggested rates, your post will most likely be deleted without question. The volunteer (unpaid) moderators in the HSCFFS Facebook group do not usually have time to private message everyone who neglects to read our policies before posting. If they do take the time to private message you, and request you make certain changes, you may consider yourself on probation. If you do not make those changes, you will most likely be removed from the group.

Here is the infographic that we hope will help as you try to decide how much to charge when you donate!   Thanks for your donation!

(Click image to see it larger)