Announcing the Winners of Our First Creative Arts Contest!

The first ever Creative Arts Contest was a fun way to encourage children from all over the United States to show off their writing and artistic abilities.  We are excited to announce the winners!  Thank you to all who participated!

Here is a message from our very kind coordinator, Faye:

To: All Creative Arts Entrants and Parents,

I want to Thank you all for the AMAZING ENTRIES!! I know that all of you worked very hard on your entry, because it shows with the awesome art that you did! For all of the winners, Please make sure that I DO have your address so you will be able to receive your prizes.

For the STATE WINNERS, you will be receiving the prizes that will consist of 
  1. A 2 Year, Day Planner
  2. A Book for your age group
  3. A Certificate for winning and a couple of surprises.

For our NATIONAL WINNERS, you will receive
  1. The same as the state winners
  2. A CERTIFICATE for winning national
  3. A CERTIFICATE with information on it explaining that YOU will have a STAR named after you!! The certificate that will be sent to you will inform you of the coordinates that will help you to locate “your” star in the sky.

I will be senting out all of the prizes in a couple of weeks, so again, please make sure that I have your mailing address.

Again, Thank You all for entering, keep up the GREAT work and CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!



Trees Are Love
by William, Pre-K National Winner
Fingerpaint on Manila Paper

I Am The World
by John, 1st-3rd Grade National Winner
Acrylic on Canvas

by Elizabeth, 4th-6th Grade National Winner
Pencil and Charcoal


Love To Be Free- No Limits
by Lily, 1st-3rd Grade State Winner for Florida
Paint, Marker

The Golden Trophy
by Noah, 1st-3rd Grade Winner for Indiana
Pencil and crayons

It's Raining Cats
by Annilyn, 1st-3rd Grade 2nd Place Winner for Indiana
Pencils, crayons, and stickers

God Smiles When We Help Others
by Laynie, 1st-3rd Grade Winner for North Carolina
Watercolor paint, marker and crayon on Cardstock

The Gift of Giving
by Gibson, 1st-3rd Grade Winner for Michigan
Watercolor and Pencil


The Genie Who Granted the Kids 3 Wishes
by Annilyn, 1st-3rd Grade National Winner

As written:

The Jeanie who granted the kids 3 Wishes

The kids from Scool were sad But Kate and Michael were going to find out why.
Kate wint to 1 of the kids and said why are you sad. The kid said I don’t no I’m just sad. So Kate told Michael and he said lets look for clues. So Kate and Michael lookd for clues and found a staircase. It looked like it hadint bin yousd in 100 yers. Thin tha saw a Jeanie her name was Annilyn and she granted thim 1 wishes. Kate waanted to have a pink pony. Michael whated to have a scatbord. And thin thay reamember the kids so thay wisht it would rain cats. And the kids were happy.
The End