Teaching Textbooks - One Donor's Kind Gift to YOU

Announcing our 7th donation of BRAND NEW CURRICULUM for Homeschool Families in Need

Are you a homeschooling family, consider yourself to be unable to afford curriculum, and need TEACHING TEXTBOOKS MATH for your child?  Read further to find out how to apply for this donation.

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One family in need will receive their specific, individualized request for Teaching Textbooks curriculum 

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This is all thanks to one very generous donor.  100% of her donation is going for exactly what she has asked it to go towards (as always! - see past donations in the sidebar to your right--->).  We try very hard to satisfy donors here, following their requests, to the last detail.  We can't disclose all those details in the donation announcement, since the application process is meant to sort out the requests to find the donor's PERFECT recipient, who matches his/her description as closely as possible.  So we encourage EVERYONE to apply and be honest in your responses to the application questions - you never know if you're JUST the person that donor is looking for!

Simply fill out the form below (we do not collect or share your information, don't worry).  The recipients will be announced after this donation ends on January 31st.  Good luck!

This organization receives its funding through advertisements on the blog as well as contributions from donors like you - we do not sell your information, nor do we ever ask for anything in return if you are selected to receive donated curriculum - except for you to please pay it forward in the future.