$200 Amazon Giftcard for a Homeschool Family in Need this Christmas

One anonymous donor sponsored a Pay-it-Forward Thanksgiving initiative to raise funds to bless one family at Christmas this year!  Read on to find the official application form if you are a family in need of a $200 Amazon gift card!

During the month of November leading up to Thanksgiving, we raised money to bless one homeschool family in need.  Donors who gave $10 or more were eligible to receive a $25 Amazon gift card!  There were a total of 6 donors who gave more than $10!  

Congratulations to the lucky donor to win the gift card!  (She will be contacted through email or Facebook)

Of those donations, plus other $2, $3 and $5 donations received, we raised a total of
(after Paypal fees were deducted)

  • $100 of that will be added to our anonymous donor's $100 matching gift, to purchase a $200 gift card to award to one homeschool family in need.
  • $25 of that will go to purchase the $25 gift card for the donor.
  • The remaining $8.22 will start our fundraising account (current goal is to reach $400).  (PLEASE HELP!)

Are you a homeschool family in need?  Here is how you can apply for this donation.  Read all information below carefully before entering.

Simply fill in your information IN DETAIL on the form below.  Then send friends, family, or anyone else you like to this page, and ask them to "vote" for you by also nominating you.  Only one nomination is allowed per person.

  • It's your job to fill out your contact information clearly so that if you win, we can reach you easily.
  • We ask that you apply first, and give an explanation why you need this gift, but also have the person nominating you to explain why as well.  If you do not apply yourself, but someone else nominates you, then you will not be eligible to receive the gift.
  • You may ask friends and family to come nominate you as well.  The gift will NOT necessarily go to the person with the most "nominations".  The final choice will be made by the leadership team from a selection of nominees with statements of need, and who may have "REAL" friends and family to vouch for their stories (helpful, but not required).  Don't worry, any information shared here is strictly confidential and will not be shared anywhere or with anyone, even the person you nominate.  To get friends/family to nominate you, simply share this link with them and ask them to come here on your behalf.  (http://www.homeschoolfree.org/2014/12/200-giftcard-for-a-homeschool-in-need.html)
  • If you are the winner, you will be notified by email and/or Facebook on December 12th.  We hope this will give you enough time to use your giftcard in time for any last-minute Christmas shopping.
To enter or to nominate, be VERY careful to do the following:
  • Use the EXACT NAME you use within our Facebook group (recipients must be a member of the group)
  • BE SURE if you are an APPLICANT that you check your email on December 12th and RESPOND to us immediately upon notification of winning.  This will be a very time-sensitive gift, and you won't want to miss the notification.
UPDATE:  The applications have been received and a winner will be notified soon!  Thank you for visiting, and we hope to help more than one person next year!  Watch the blog as we announce more donations in the future.