One Day Soon... A NEW LOOK for the Blog!

I've been working behind the scenes on my desires for a new look to the blog, and I'm excited (and nervous) to show you what I've been working on!

I've had a vision in my mind for several weeks about what kind of logo I would like to have.  I've prayed for wisdom in how to portray it.  I've sketched and colored, and learned lots of new stuff in Photoshop and PicMonkey!  And now, I think I'm almost ready to reveal the new logo design!

I'm really nervous because I'm not an artist, and I'm not completely satisfied with the colors and the drawings.  Perhaps one day when I can hire a real website/graphic designer, we can re-vamp the images.  But for now, I really like the idea behind the images, and I'd like to share it with you.

I'll give you a sneak peek below!

It is an image which I think represents the mission of this organization very well.  And the leadership team agrees!

The mission of Homeschool Curriculum Free for Shipping is to provide brand new and used curriculum for only the cost of shipping or even completely free to homeschool families in need.  We serve as a resource for donors to donate used or new curriculum, and to support and encourage all homeschooling families.  (read the official mission statement here)

The logo will be a garden gate.  A garden represents a welcoming community, a place where you feel at peace, a place you can go for encouragement and growth.  There will be some flowers in bloom, representing the variety of homeschool families who are donating their resources, being a beautiful example of grace and blessings.  Then there will be some seedlings in pots, representing the homeschooling families who are growing and gaining nourishment, with the potential of growing into beautiful flowers with the right care and love.  The sunshine is implied in the image, and representing God granting his blessings over it all.

Over the next few days or so you will see this all begin to come together on the blog!

Sneak peek (this image does not include the actual color theme - it's just an outline image of what's to come):