How to Tell if This Organization is NOT for You

Are you here to donate, without any motives for seeking a profit?

Or, is your family struggling to provide resources for homeschooling your children, and if you are selected to receive an item, are you willing to pay it forward?

Then this organization is for you!  Welcome, and we're glad to have you!  May you be blessed by your participation.

It's as simple as that.  This group was created to make it EASY for people to donate their used homeschool curriculum to those in need.  There is NO other Facebook group like it, and this group functions VERY differently from any other homeschool curriculum buy/sell/trade/swap groups out there.

If you're here to try to make a profit, this group won't help you.  It's a waste of your time, and also not good for your reputation in sales ethics on Facebook.

Please don't take this the wrong way, but if you attempt to mark up the shipping costs of your items in order to make a few bucks, it won't "sell" in this group.  You just won't have any luck.  No one is going to buy a slim workbook from you for $8 "shipping."  They will suspect you of taking advantage of the members.  In addition, the members here DON'T appreciate solicitations, and would be participating in other Facebook groups if they were able to "buy" something.  They will also be likely to report you if you PM them about an ISO request and attempt to sell instead of donating for shipping cost. If you are reported with proof (such as a screenshot of your offer), you will be banned.  Please go sell elsewhere.  There are so many buy/sell/trade/swap groups out there for you.

If you're here to make a profit by attempting to resell in another group, then this group won't work for you either.  The books donated within this group are marked to prevent resale.  As word grows about our organization, and as respect for it's purpose becomes more common within the homeschool community at large, your actions will not be received well.  You will most likely be found out, reported and banned, and you will also be reported to the moderators of the group in which you are allegedly reselling donated materials.