New and Improved ISO Photo Album

In response to a few suggestions from our group members, we are changing and hopefully improving the ISO thread.  The current method of having one thread for members to add their needs to was a little disorderly  and time-consuming for donators to wade through dozens of comments to find someone looking for an item that they are donating, So we have come up with a solution that we think will make searching the ISO a simple task for our generous donators.  A photo album!

A photo album has been added to the group that has images for each subject and/or grade level, as well as, a few other topics like Homeschool References & Miscellaneous Subjects.
Now group members can leave a comment on the image for the subject and/or grade level that they are in need of.  Then our generous donators can quickly browse each individual subject and/or grade level to find someone in need of the item they have to give.

To keep the ISO album organized and current, ALL comments will be removed by the group moderators around the 1st and 15th of each month. Group members may add their ISO requests again if they have not yet received the items that they are in need of.

Any ISO posts made to the groups main wall will be deleted by a group moderator.

We hope that this change will help our donators easily find new homes for the items that they are thoughtfully giving to those in need.

Jenny and Deana