Is That Item Copyrighted? Protecting Yourself from Illegal Sharing of Copyrighted Material

Homeschool Curriculum Free for Shipping has a NO TOLERANCE policy for the illegal sharing of copyrighted material.

PDF files, some computer-based learning programs and online paid membership programs, some DVD' s, some online documents, and other things if shared, could be a copyright infringement, and could get you in big, big trouble, including legal action or fines up to $10,000. Just a notice, because the moderators can't possibly see everything that comes through this group.

As a creator myself of online content, I will not allow the sharing of copyrighted material in the group.  If you notice someone sharing illegal materials in this group, please tag a moderator, or label it as such by commenting.  The person probably just made an innocent mistake, and should be grateful for someone pointing it out to them instead of legal action being taken.  If kind warnings go unheeded, and an offense is repeated, the member will be banned from this group.

The owners of this organization, nor the moderators of the Facebook group, are NOT responsible for any copyright infringement through the exchange of any items through this organization.  All responsibility is placed on the person posting or sharing.  However, when something is brought to our attention, we will remove the item promptly.  In the event we miss something, however, we will not be held responsible.

Be aware of copyright law, and respect the rights of those who publish the material you are considering giving away.

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