Fundraising Results of the 2017 Winter Auction

Announcing the results of our Annual Winter Fundraiser Auction 2017!

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Twice per year, we host an auction within our Facebook group, and donations from the proceeds are used for our fundraising efforts to provide new and used curriculum for homeschool families in need. We host a Winter Auction in January, and a Birthday Auction in July.

Last year's Winter Auction brought in about $38. We hope this year's is a huge success!

This page will be updated as donations come in over the next week. Bookmark it and come back to see how much was raised!

Thanks to your generosity, we have raised a total of $89.84 from this year's Winter Auction. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

We'd love to meet this year's budget! We appreciate your help very much!

Our budget is modest for 2017. Our total business expenses are less than $100 just to keep us running. However, we'd love to have all our business expenses met, and have funds left over to buy new curriculum for our families in need, or at least pay for the shipping costs of the used materials we receive and redistribute. We appreciate any cash donations, no matter how big or small.

Deana and the Leadership Team of HSCFFS

Our next fundraiser auction will be held in July. Watch this blog for the announcement.

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