Pre-Approved Auction Vendors

During our auction weeks twice per year, we invite up to ten business vendors to join us. These vendors auction off their products and give their proceeds to Homeschool Curriculum Free for Shipping. Please shop from them year-round, as a thank you for helping homeschool families in need!

Proceeds gained during the auction week will be used solely for providing used or brand new curriculum for homeschooling families in need, paying shipping fees, and other business expenses. 100% of all cash donations ALWAYS goes directly back to our community. We are all homeschooling mamas volunteering our time; none of the money donated goes to pay anyone at HSCFFS.

These seven vendors (and only these) will be allowed to advertise within the group during the auction. They have permission to solicit your email addresses, or for follows to their Facebook pages or blogs. Please support them. They are being very generous and deserve your thanks and continued business. They are valued members of our community!

Homeschool Curriculum Free for Shipping and its volunteers are not responsible for any liability incurred from transactions made during the auction.  These businesses are all individually owned and operated, and all sales and business transactions made through these vendors are done solely between the individual business owner and the customer.  In the event of dissatisfaction or claims against these vendors, please go through the appropriate company's corporate offices to report poor business transactions or complaints.  Thank you for understanding.

1 - Taylor's Origami Owl

2 - Nadine's Arbonne

3 - Gloria's DoTerra

4 - Sherilyn's Pampered Chef

5 - Jenny's Plexus

6 - Pamela's Tupperware

7 - Jenny's Young Living