It's Our Birthday!

As I gear up to file our first year's taxes, I am proud to say that not one penny has been made as profit this year on this blog or within the Facebook group.  Not one donated penny has gone to pay any person for their work on this site or as a moderator within our group.  100% of proceeds have gone to benefit the homeschool families we serve, used to buy BRAND NEW curriculum for those in the most dire circumstances.  I pay out of my own pocket for the expenses of running this site, and use NONE of the donated money for rent/mortgage, payroll, or any such thing normally needed for nonprofit businesses.  I also donate about ten hours per week of my time managing the Facebook group.

That being said, it's our BIRTHDAY!  I'd simply LOVE for us to finally meet our goals to gain 501(3)(c) status.  But cash donations are just not happening.  Is there any way you could help us to meet our goals?  We have a little over $200 saved for this purpose, and we still need $200 more.  I can't afford it myself.  

Any other time I've specifically asked for this need to be filled, I haven't included a visual representation of how much has been earned, and I think all 10,700+ members don't realize that no one is helping.  I think perhaps we all think someone else will do it.  I think there's a misunderstanding that there are cash donations rolling in, when there are really ...none.  I need help to reach this milestone.  I can't do it myself.  I need YOU.  So this time, I'm using Fundraizer - so that everyone can see in real time how much is actually being raised, and when we actually meet our goal.

If we exceed our goal - I will use the proceeds to purchase BRAND NEW curriculum for families in need.  There are so many requests in my email inbox daily.  I want to help them!

But first, I really NEED to get our 501(c)(3) status.  I think and hope and pray that when we get it, more cash donations will begin to roll in, and more folks can be helped.

Thanks for helping us celebrate our birthday!  Thanks for your donations!


To donate, click here to see the official Fundraizer campaign or scan the qr code below.

Or, donate curriculum during our "Auction Week" going on within the Facebook group (GOING ON NOW!!!):

As always, thank you so much to all the generous families who are sharing curriculum every day within our Facebook group!  We are so blessed to witness your kindness!

Deana Hipwell,
Founder of Homeschool Curriculum Free for Shipping

And the volunteer moderators of HSCFFS