Report for Donation #3 - Announcing the Recipients!

A generous donor wrote to me and asked to donate Life of Fred Math curriculum to one or more families in need.  The recipients were chosen using an application-based process, based on the donor's criteria for selection, and here is the official announcement!

The actual application page for the donation is here in case you missed it.

Our latest BRAND NEW CURRICULUM donation was offered by an anonymous donor, who requested that the recipient meet the following criteria:

  • Specifically wanted to bless the family with Life of Fred Math - specifically Apples, Butterflies, Cats and Dogs.  This meant that the recipients needed to have children studying math at a Kindergarten or First grade level.
  • Also wanted to provide the well-known book The Homeschooling Book of Answers, by Linda Dobson to the recipients if they were new to homeschooling.

Out of 118 applicants, there were only 8 applicants who fit the donor's criteria perfectly (the application form provided the means to easily sort through and find the true need based on the applicants' responses to the questions on the form).  The leadership team then voted to determine the final recipients, both of whom have been notified.  The results are below.

  • Recipient # 1 explained in his application that their curriculum savings was wiped out with a medical emergency.  They have been using free resources, but wished for Life of Fred as they had originally planned.  This is their first year homeschooling.  They will receive Life of Fred Apples and Butterflies, and the book The Homeschooling Book of Answers.
  • Recipient #2 is a family just getting back on their feet after losing their home last year.  Her daughter has EDS and high functioning Autism, and loves Math, and she explained "a real math program would be wonderful for her."  Having taught her older children at home years ago, she is now is starting again with her new family.  They will receive Life of Fred Apples, Butterflies, Cats and Dogs.

Here is a rundown of how the funds were spent for this donation.

The donor provided a budget of $106.51 (paypal fees were deducted).  I added $1.20 from the previous donation to the budget, making the total budget for this donation $107.71.

Expense Rundown (includes products plus any shipping costs, and detailed receipts for all expenses have been kept to provide the donor and/or the recipients should there be any questions):
  • $44.48 of the funds were used for recipient #1 ($32 for LOF, and $12.48 for THBOA)
  • $64.00 of the funds were used for recipient #2 ($64 for LOF)
The grand total of this donation came to $108.48, which actually went over the budget by just a little bit - $.77, an amount I totally didn't mind covering myself!

Thanks for your participation!

If you weren't chosen this time, please apply again!  Make sure you're signed up for email notifications from the blog, or followed us on Facebook (select "get notifications") so you won't miss it.  We hope that we will be able to offer more donations such as this really soon!  We are sorry we couldn't help everyone.

Would you like to donate to this organization?  Click here for more information, or contact us to find out how to offer a donation of your choosing, as this donor did - it's so easy!