Fundraiser Report! We earned FREE books! Wanna WIN Them?

Isn't it about time I posted the results from our fundraiser??? AND.... A GIVEAWAY (for anyone to enter!)!!!

Sorry it's taken me so long, we were on vacation last week, and I was also finishing up our latest donation (results will be shared on Monday!).  Anyways...

Our fundraiser was unfortunately not the success I had hoped.  I wanted to earn $400 cash in order to pay for filing "charity" status with the IRS.  But, that will come in God's timing.  He is blessing the endeavors of this organization in His own ways, in His own timing, and that's totally cool.  I'm still excited to share with you that the fundraiser still helped!  We are able to give BRAND NEW, COMPLETELY FREE Usborne books to someone!

But first, I would like to say thank you again to my local Usborne friend Jeanette, who offered to donate even her own commission to the fundraising efforts.  She volunteered her time and her own earnings, and if you would ever like to order Usborne books in the future, please visit her website at

The Results of the Fundraiser!

We earned $63 in free books, and $22 cash from the fundraiser.  I'm using the free books to offer a traditional giveaway to one lucky member!  This is NOT needs based.  Anyone can enter!  No application process!  All you have to do is fill out the Rafflecopter entry form below!  Go ahead - have fun!  Do it NOW!

Why offer this giveaway to ANYONE???

  1. Well, because our organization doesn't function without donors, and I'd like to reward them this time, too.
  2. And two - we need to grow our Facebook page, and get the word out about our organization.  Giveaways are a perfect way to do that!  The more people hear about us, the more donors, and the more people we can help!

The $22 cash will be used for future curriculum donations, to help cover shipping or to help cover costs of overspending (such as I did this last time - you'll see what I mean on Monday when I share that I kinda went a little bit over budget from the donor's donation amount).

I'm ordering some fun books for this giveaway... 

Here's the Rafflecopter!

a Rafflecopter giveaway